Examples of websites for the self-employed

Self-employed professionals need a website to present their activities to their patients or customers. Here are just a few examples of the showcase websites we've created for them, with features such as online appointment scheduling.

osteopath website

Website for an osteopath

Site presenting the main information with a link to Doctolib for online appointments.

ergotherapist website

Website for an occupational therapist

Website for easy contact.

lawyer website

Website for a law firm

Website to present a firm's activities.

naturopath website

Website for a naturopath

Site allowing online appointments to be made via a dedicated plugin.

website paramedical practice

Website for a paramedical practice

Website presenting the firm's activities.

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Examples of websites for companies and associations

All companies (small, medium and large) need to showcase their know-how and encourage visitors to contact them. Here are a few examples of websites for companies in different fields. See also an example of a site for a non-profit organization.

evo urban expertise

Website for a startup

Complete redesign of a website to present the services of an innovative startup.

wine estate website

Website for a winery

Site presenting the estate and its different vintages.

association website

Website for an association

Website presenting the activities of the Eiffel family association.

design office website

Website for a design office

Site to present the services of a design office.

boat seller website example

Website for a yacht brokerage company

Website presenting the boats and services of a company specializing in yacht brokerage and sales.

sample website communication agency

Website for a web agency

Website to present the services of a communications agency.

fast n classic site

Website for a car garage

Website and videos designed to present the services and advertisements of a garage specializing in American cars.

ehpad site

EHPAD website

Website and logo designed to present the services of a retirement home in the south of France.

meet your school

Website for a startup

Creation of 2 websites to present services for individuals and professionals.

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Examples of websites for the self-employed, shopkeepers & craftsmen

Showcase sites help freelancers and shopkeepers attract potential customers to their stores or premises. See some examples below.

website optician

Optician's website

Website presenting an optical store.

artisan website

Website for a craftsman

Site presenting handcrafted instruments.

coach website

Website for a coach

Showcase site presenting the image coaching business.

artisan site

Website for a craftsman

Site presenting the services of a floor renovation specialist.

example wedding planner website

Wedding planner website

Website presenting the services of a wedding planner.

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