Build and retain your prospect/customer database with emailing.

Withautomated marketing campaigns, you can create personalized customer journeys, freeing up valuable time for your business.

For example, you can easily identify the prospects who are most likely to become your customers after subscribing to a newsletter or filling in a contact form... You can then automatically send them a personalized email containing specific information: newsletter, appointment reminder, order confirmation...

There are hundreds of customer journeys imaginable and achievable. We can help you define the most relevant scenarios for your business.

Emailing tool (newsletters) and customer/prospect database management

  • Setting up the email tool: we'll configure and adapt this solution to your website according to your objectives via a call to action (newsletter sign-up form, white paper download, guide...)
  • Import your previous contacts and create dedicated lists.
  • Template creation: we're going to create a number of email templates that you can then use for your mailings.
  • Creating your customer paths: after studying how you will acquire new leads, we'll set up the most effective workflows (automated scenarios). The aim is to maximize their conversion into customers.
  • Training in the use of the tool : we will train you and explain in detail how to create email templates, how to create customer paths, how to extract statistics...

Choice of options

  • Graphic design Graphic design : creation of your logo, graphic charter, etc... that you can use on your web (website, emailing, social networks...) and print (flyers, point-of-sale advertising, business cards...) media.
  • Sending newsletters: we can send regular email campaigns such as newsletters, special offers, etc. to your customers.

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