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The creation or redesign of a website is a crucial step in the communication strategy of a company or organization. To ensure that the website correctly reflects the company's brand image and values, as well as meeting users' needs, it's essential to create clear, detailed specifications.

The specification defines the project's objectives and expectations, as well as the functionalities and technical specifications required for its realization. It also clarifies time, budget and resource constraints. In other words, the specification is a reference document that ensures that all those involved in the project have a common understanding of the objectives and requirements.

Specifications are also an invaluable tool for communicating with the service providers who will be carrying out the project. It clarifies expectations and requirements, and ensures that the service provider fully understands the company's needs. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings and errors, and ensures effective collaboration between the various players involved in the project.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. A clear understanding of requirements: The specification is a precise and detailed communication of your needs and expectations for the website. It provides an overview of functionalities, objectives, target audience, desired design, etc. This helps the service provider understand your expectations and propose a solution that specifically meets them.

  2. Precise project estimates: Detailed specifications enable the service provider to more accurately assess the scope of the work and the resources required. This makes it easier to draw up an accurate estimate, and avoids surprises or budget overruns later on.

  3. More relevant proposals: By providing specifications, you enable service providers to better target their proposals. They can tailor their offer to your specific needs, providing you with details of their approach, expertise and skills relevant to your project.

  4. Reducing misunderstandings: A well-written specification minimizes misunderstandings and misinterpretations. It provides precise information on expected functionalities, deadlines, deliverables and so on. This avoids frustrations and subsequent disagreements between you and the service provider.

  5. More efficient project management: A specification provides a solid basis for project management. It defines milestones, milestones and deadlines. This facilitates coordination between you and the service provider, and enables you to monitor project progress more effectively.

  6. Avoid major revisions: By clearly detailing your expectations and including them in the specifications, you reduce the risk of major revisions and modifications later on. This saves time and minimizes additional costs.

  7. Guaranteeing final satisfaction: By providing precise specifications, you increase the chances that the end result will meet your expectations. The service provider will have a clear vision of what you want, and can do his utmost to meet your needs.

Better than an example, in just a few minutes you can generate a complete specification for your project! A document in PDF format that you can send directly to one or more service providers to obtain a detailed quotation for your project. 

We're making this tool available free of charge because we're convinced that it will help many people who want to create or redesign their website.

Unfortunately, this is a step that is often neglected in this type of project. Project owners don't necessarily have the time or experience to create a complete set of specifications. This can lead to misunderstandings and inaccurate estimates of the resources required for the project.

Whatever service provider you choose, providing them with clear, precise specifications will give you every chance of a successful project. It's a win-win situation!