Website: the key to a successful digital strategy.

Creating a website is a fundamental step when you want to develop your online presence and be visible to future customers.

Are you launching your business and/or want to present what you offer to your customers clearly and simply? We'll create your showcase site to suit your needs, with the utmost care. It's an essential tool for promoting your image and developing your reputation .

Want to sell your products or services online? Discover our e-commerce website creation offer.

Website creation package contents

  • Domain name & hosting: if you haven't already done so, we can help you register your domain name (e.g. and set up hosting on a shared server with an eco-friendly host. To find out more click here.
  • Installation and configuration of the WordPress CMS: the world's most widely used content management system. Reliable and powerful, it's also ideal for natural search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Creation and installation of a holding page during site development, or site development on our dev servers in the case of a redesign.
  • Customize a WordPress theme to suit your needs.
  • Integration of your content: integration of your texts, images and logo.
  • SEO optimization of the textual content provided, setting up meta and title tags.
  • Development in responsive design: i.e. optimized for navigation from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Up to 10 showcase pages.
  • Creation of a blog if desired.
  • Link the site to your social networks.
  • Install a contact form and set up an email address in your company's name (e.g.
  • Install and configure Google Analytics: create an account and set up the tracking code on your site.
  • Creation of your Google My Business page: this allows you to display a specific insert on Google during local searches (opening hours, telephone number, etc.).
  • Configuring Google Search Console: the webmaster's toolbox.
  • Integration and configuration of an SEO module to optimize natural search engine optimization (SEO) This module allows you to manage the display of titles and descriptions for pages and articles on the site, create a sitemap file to facilitate indexing of the site by search engine spiders, choose the URL structure, etc.
  • Integration and configuration of a security module: against cyber-attacks and spam.
  • HTTPS settings for site security: a security protocol that displays a padlock when an SSL certificate is installed, showing your visitors that their browsing is secure.
  • Integration and configuration, if required, of a cache module: this improves site loading speed, one of the ranking criteria taken into account by Google.
  • Installation of a site backup module in the cloud. Creation of a complete site backup before going online.
  • Create your administrator profile so that you can access the site's administration and modify content yourself once it's online.
  • Testing phase.

Choice of options

  • Site maintenance: by subscribing to this option, we carry out the necessary updates to the site so that it remains operational at all times, make backups of the content and database and apply the preventive measures necessary for the site to function properly.
  • Multilingual version of the site: to offer your site in several languages automatically.
  • Online appointment scheduling module : we can integrate an appointment scheduling system for you.
  • Emailing system and customer/prospect database management Create a Sendinblue accountaccount, a form integrated into your site (e.g.: white paper or newsletter subscription), email templates and automatic email settings based on defined customer paths. This will also enable you to send your newsletters regularly and manage your customer database.
  • Photo shoots or videos for your company: integrate quality photos or videos on your website to showcase your team, your products, your premises, etc...
  • Online advertising on Google or social networks Online advertising: to quickly acquire targeted traffic to your website.
  • WordPress training WordPress training: to become autonomous in the management of your site.

Examples of completed websites

Discover the latest websites we have created for our customers:

Tip: create specifications for the creation or redesign of your showcase site

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The first step in creating a website is to choose a web host and a domain name

The host has datacenters (data centers) where thousands of servers store website data.

On the hosting provider's website, you'll need to reserve your domain name, i.e. the address of your future website ( for example) and order hosting linked to this domain.

You'll need between €50 and €90 incl. VAT/year, depending on the hosting provider, for the domain name and hosting of a WordPress-type showcase site.

Find out more about our advice and our selection ofeco-friendly hosts in our blog article.

A showcase site allows you to present your business: clearly presenting who you are, the services you offer, etc... while allowing people to contact you via a contact form.

A merchant site or ecommerce site is a site where your customers can order your products or services online. It requires more complex development and links to payment gateways.

When you first create a website, you need toillustrate it with images of your products or services

But when you're launching a new business, particularly in the service sector, it's often difficult to find quality visual content to include on your site.

For this purpose, there are royalty-free image banks such as Unsplash and Pexels.

Make your selection and pass them on to your website developer.