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Tutorial: how do I order a domain name and hosting from Infomaniak?

Any project to create a website generally begins with reserving a domain name and hosting.

Prerequisites for creating a website

These can be ordered in just a few clicks from the hosting provider of your choice (OVH, 1&1, etc.). Personally, I always recommend that my customers choose Infomaniak, an eco-friendly hosting provider whose qualities I invite you to discover in a dedicated blog post. So, step by step, here's how it works!

Step 1: Check domain name availability

The first step is to check that the domain name, i.e. your company's future address (e.g., is available. To do this, Go to the home page by clicking here and type in the search bar. The site will then tell you which extensions are available for purchase: .fr, .com, .be, .org, etc. It's up to you to choose which extensions you're interested in.
On the home page, in the top right-hand corner, type the domain name you're interested in and click on the blue magnifying glass button.
infomaniakThe page below appears. You'll see whether the domain name you want (and its extensions) are available or not.

Please note: by default, the"Domain Plus" option is checked. You can uncheck it if you wish.

Make your selection and click on the " Next" button.


Step 2: Create an Infomaniak account

The site will ask you to create an account. Follow the instructions, enter your personal data, create a password and continue the process.


Step 3: Choosing the number of email addresses

If you only needone email address in the name of your site (e.g., this is included free of charge in the basic package. Be sure to select the "Standard" offer in the Ksuite section. If you need several e-mail addresses, you can choose the package that best suits your needs.



Step 4: Ordering accommodation

Select " Web hosting " and click on the " Next" button.


Step 5: Choosing the owner

You'll be taken to the page where you can define the owner of the domain. If it's really you, click on the "Validate " button, followed by the green "Next" button.

Step 6: Renewal Warranty

You will then be offered the Renewal Warranty option. It is not essential, so you can click on the green "Continue without Renewal Warranty" button.

Step 7: Order summary and payment

Check your order on the next page and proceed to payment.



Now you've got a domain name and hosting!

Step 8: Start creating your site

You can now start creating website creation. For example, you can install WordPress on your hosting, create an email address in your company's name, install an SSL certificate to secure the site, etc...

Need some help? This is where we can start helping you create your website. Book a telephone appointment at your convenience, or contact us at and let's discuss your project together! 🙂