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Why choose Infomaniak to host your website?

Are you planning to create a website to present your business or sell your products online? One of the first steps is to choose a domain name and hosting. There are many providers on the market, but some, like Infomaniakstand out from the crowd. Here's how!

Domain name and hosting: prerequisites for any website creation project

Domain name

Choosing your own domain name (e.g. is essential, and shouldn't be rushed. It's an integral part of your corporate identity, enabling your customers and/or prospects to identify your brand immediately.

To check the availability of a domain name, you can visit the website of a registrar like Infomaniak, which will tell you which extensions are available (.com, .fr, .net...). click here.


Signing up for a hosting contract means renting storage space on a server (computers constantly connected to the Internet and located in huge datacenters), enabling your site to be available 24/7.

Choice of supplier

Both domain name and hosting can be ordered directly from providers such as OVH or 1&1 for the best-known ones, or Infomaniak, the subject of this article today.

Prices are more or less the same for all of them. What sets them apart are the technologies they use (faster servers thanks to SSDs), the details of the services included in their shared, dedicated or Cloud hosting packages (number of databases, traffic limitation or not...) not forgetting the quality of their support.

I won't go into detailed comparisons between each offer, but one thing's for sure: you're bound to find a web host that perfectly matches your needs.

However, I'd like to introduce you to Infomaniak today for a reason that's close to my heart: its commitment to the environment.

Infomaniak, an eco-friendly web host!

logo infomaniak environnementAfter testing several different hosting providers for my own sites or sites created for my customers, Infomaniak convinced me of its commitment to preserving the environment.

This is one of the arguments that, for me, and through the values I wish to convey via Epifyt, must be taken into consideration when choosing a service provider!

Infomaniak's accommodations are powered exclusively by renewable energy (60% hydropower and 40% energy from renewable sources) and all their CO2 emissions are 200% offset with

Its datacenters are cooled with outside air (no air-conditioning) and feature servers equipped with "low voltage" technologies, consuming 40% less energy than older generations. The heat generated by the machines is recycled to heat the premises in winter... In short, a number of commitments that form part of an exemplary ecological charter.

Not insignificant when you consider that a medium-sized datacenter consumes as much electricity as a city of 200,000 inhabitants!
Another figure we don't necessarily realize: 10% of the world's electricity consumption is attributable to our ordinators, datacenters, networks... and this figure is rising year on year.

So you can see why I think it's important to turn to providers like these for the sake of our planet.

Green... but not only!

Infomaniak also has many other advantages that can tip the scales in its favor when choosing a web hosting provider:

  • A top-of-the-range infrastructure with 100% SSD hosting, currently the best in terms of performance and speed.
  • Problem support is available 7 days a week.
  • A clean, simple and efficient graphical manager interface.


Even if it's not the most economical solution on the market, it combines ecology and performance with brilliance. I highly recommend it!

To find out more about our green hosting offers, visit the Infomaniak website.

And don't hesitate to call on me for your project of website creationI can help you choose the right domain name and hosting package, and set up your account with the hosting provider.