500 euros to help retailers create a website

Shopkeepers: 500 euros to set up a website

Article updated on 17/05/2021.


On 09/11/2020, Economy Minister Bruno le Maire announced the creation of aid for retailers affected by administrative closures due to the COVID-19 health crisis. With just 1 in 3 businesses still digitalized, the French government clearly wants to accelerate the digital transition of French VSEs and SMEs.

Aid available from January 2021

Who is eligible for the 500 euros digitization grant?

This €500 grant is available to all companies (including VSEs) with fewer than 11 employees and annual sales of less than €2 million excluding VAT.

What expenses are eligible for the €500 grant?

This aid (or digital cheque) will reimburse all or part of certain costs linked to digitalization: creation of a website, payment for a support service to develop online visibility, addition of an online reservation or appointment scheduling solution, installation of an emailing/newsletter tool, etc...

How do I apply?

To receive the €500 grant, I invite you to follow the digital check application tutorial I've written to help you complete the application step by step.

Regional aid is also available!

You may not know it, but similar financial assistance (digital cheques) exists at regional level: Île de France, PACA, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Hauts de France... and can be combined with the 500€ France Num cheque! To find out which grants you are eligible for, depending on your company's location, go to the page dedicated to regional digitization grants by clicking here.

Contact Epifyt to create your website

Take advantage of these government or regional grants to finally go online! I can help you creation of your online store or your showcase website ! I invite you to to request a quote online. I'd be delighted to find out more about your digitalization project, so that I can offer you the right support!


I'll let you discover or rediscover the Minister's announcement on video :


However, these comments need to be qualified. Bruno Le Maire states that digitization "costs €1,500 on average". This figure does not reflect the reality of the market. In fact, a showcase site designed by a professional exceeds the budget announced by the Minister. Not to mention, of course, an e-commerce site, which represents a real investment for small businesses. An investment that is often necessary, as we saw during the health crisis, but that pays for itself very quickly in most cases.

In any case, it's good news for retailers, craftsmen and the self-employed!

To go further: develop your online visibility

Having a website is all very well, but it still needs to be visited by your customers and/or potential buyers! Hence the importance of developing your digital presence through the various acquisition channels available to you: online advertising, social networks, emailing... I invite you to download my free ebook to find out more.