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Tutorial: set up a free chat on your site with Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a powerful French emailing and automated marketing tool. I talked about it a while ago on the blog: Which tool should you choose to create a free newsletter? It's an excellent alternative to the American Mailchimp. But today, I'm going to introduce you to a new feature of this tool that's totally free: live chat on your website.

Why install a chat on your website?

Nowadays, it's more than ever important toestablish a link with your customers. Giving visitors to your site the opportunity to contact you easily is a real advantage. At the very least, you need to offer a contact form, but the drawback of this system is its lack of responsiveness... When a visitor is browsing your website, what could be better than answering their questions instantly?

In this respect, studies speak for themselves: 90% of customers appreciate being offered help when they consult a website, and over 60% have no hesitation in returning to a website that includes this service (source: GlobalTrend ATG study). Hence the importance of instant chat.

It's also worth noting that 38% of web users who have used an online chat service say they have subsequently made a purchase.

With its many advantages, installing a live chat on your site will allow you to (among other things) :

  • Promote customer satisfaction: by simplifying the contact process, visitors don't need to send you an email if they have a question. Nor do they need to search for answers in your FAQ, for example. According to a study commissioned by LivePerson and carried out by Loudhouse, 73% of Internet users say they are more satisfied with chat than with email or telephone. All of which means they can enjoy a faster shopping experience. What's more, instant messaging will humanize your business. At a time when human contact is becoming more and more dematerialized every day, this tool will bring you a considerable amount of sympathy capital, as your potential customers will appreciate being able to chat with a real person!
  • Keep your visitors coming back for longer, and reduce your site's abandonment rate: just like in a physical store, as a chat operator you'll be acting as a sales advisor, to reassure potential customers as much as possible. And when you consider that 20% of Internet users who chat while shopping actually complete their transaction (source: GlobalTrend ATG study), it's easy to see why this type of service is so important.
  • Save time: as a general rule, one chat discussion is enough to solve a problem, as opposed to three round trips by e-mail. So it makes sense to set up a chat to avoid wasting time and potential customers.
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors: many companies still haven't set up a live chat function on their website. In addition to providing a rapid response to your customers and boosting your sales, having a live chat on your website is something quite atypical, showing the quality of your website and its modernity, which will make a positive impression on your customers' minds.

The good news: Sendinblue chat is now free for everyone!

5cf83d256560eFirst of all, you need a Sendinblue account. If you don't already have one, now's the time to create one! In addition to chat, it will enable you to manage your customer and/or prospect database, send newsletters or create automatic e-mail customer paths (relaunch of abandoned cart, thank-you e-mail following subscription to your newsletter, etc.).

How to install chat: step-by-step tutorial

Go to the Sendinblue website to create your account.

Once you've completed the creation steps and your account has been validated by the team (it only takes a few minutes), you can click on the "Chat" button at the top of the navigation bar.

You will arrive on this page:


capture sendinblue cat

Click on the "Initialize chat" button.

The next page lets you customize the chatbox. Follow the instructions by entering your company name, uploading your logo and choosing a custom color to match your corporate identity.


capture sendinblue cat


Then click on the "Define your operator profile" button.

The next step is to define the operator's profile. Enter your full name and a photo of yourself (it's much more human!).


capture sendinblue cat


Then click on the blue "Install chat" button.

Now all that's left to do is install the chatbox! Don't panic, nothing too complicated, you'll see 😉


capture sendinblue cat


Vous devez copier et coller le code fourni avant la balise </head> de votre site web. Si cela vous semble trop compliqué, cliquez sur “En savoir plus”, cela vous redirigera vers les pages d’aide. Sachez qu’une des solutions les plus simples pour cela, consiste à installer le plugin Sendinblue sur votre site. Si vous avez un site WordPress, il vous suffit simplement d’installer l’extension Sendinblue !

Once the code has been installed or the WordPress plugin activated, click on the "Verify" button to check that the chat is working properly.

If everything's ok, a success message will appear and you can click on the "Start chatting" button.

Congratulations! Your cat is now fully operational!

You can now manage your online/offline presence from the dashboard:


capture sendinblue cat


And in the lower right-hand corner of your site, you'll see a chat icon:


capture sendinblue cat


You can now enable or disable browser notifications and/or notifications of new conversations received by email. Simply click on the "Settings" tab, then on "Notifications".


capture sendinblue cat


In the "Emails to visitors" tab, you can automatically send an email if the visitor hasn't read your last message. To do this, you need to know the visitor's email address.


capture sendinblue cat



Installing a chat on your website is quick and easy. An effective way to boost your sales! With Sendinblue, you can manage everything in one place: chat, emailing, customer paths...

Don't forget, as aSendinblueI can help you set up Sendinblue for your business. To do so, contact me via chat 😉 or make an appointment online to discuss your project!