Enhance your natural heritage with a drone

We're incredibly lucky at Epifyt. What's that, you might ask? To be located in one of the most beautiful regions of France, the PACA region. And when it comes to aerial imaging, our mountains and coastline are our favorite playgrounds!

But could the drone be the perfect tool for enhancing your natural heritage?

Answer in this article! (Spoiler alert: Yes)

Promote your landscapes with a drone

It may sound logical, but it's always worth remembering. The use of a drone opens up new perspectives, allowing you to your communication. Aerial imagery not only gives you a bird's-eye view, but also enables you to reach places that are normally inaccessible.

Just imagine : flying like a bird between rocky peaks, skirting an entire beach at the boundary between sand and waves, diving from the sky into a forest and then wandering between the trees...

It's all possible! Thanks to two types of drone: 

  • The stabilized drone: Piloted by sight, this is the type of drone that everyone is familiar with. It enables smooth, stable aerial photography. It can also be used to take very high-definition aerial photos.
  • FPV drone: Piloted using an FPV (First Person View) mask, this drone allows you to take much sportier shots. The agility and format of this type of drone ensure unprecedented immersion by getting into otherwise inaccessible places.

The combination of these two drones, now a must-have, is unfailingly versatile. Whether on your website or your social networksWhether for your website or your social networks, you can mix the sleek, artistic shots of the stabilized drone with the immersive shots of the FPV drone. through professional video editing is the perfect solution to give your region the "wow" effect it deserves!

An ecological resonance

Beyond the promotional value, it's also an opportunity to immortalize incredible landscapes in the collective memory in the face of climate change. As we all know, our environment is fragile, and our landscapes are likely to change little by little over the coming decades. 

In line with the approach Epifyt has been committed to for several yearsthe drone is also part of an ecological dynamic, gradually replacing the helicopter, thus limiting carbon emissions in aerial photography.

In the same spirit, Yann Arthus Bertrand has launched a participatory project in 2021 a participatory project involving drone pilots around the world.

A few examples of drone use

During our flying sessions, we were able to explore some of our regions' most beautiful natural sites.

Using professional drone pilots

Over the last few years, we've all seen more and more aerial images taken by drone on social networks, in advertisements, in the cinema...

While it may be tempting to shoot aerial photos yourself, as consumer drones are becoming more and more accessible, it's still important to call on the services of a specialized company.

In fact, drone flying is becoming an increasingly strictly regulated discipline. In addition to requiring technical and audiovisual expertise, a company specialized in drone aerial photography will take care of :

  • Apply for authorizations and declarations of flight to the relevant authorities (prefecture, DGAC, military base, etc.).
  • Prepare the flight in all the necessary safety conditions
  • Carry out a study of the flight plan to protect the surrounding biodiversity.
  • Manage potential image rights...

In addition to the administrative aspects listed above, calling on qualified professionals also means calling on professional, reliable equipment at the cutting edge of technology in terms of both image quality and security.

So, when do we come steal from you? 😉

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